Man convicted in car bomb plot seeks new trial

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) The defense team of a man convicted of terrorism in Oregon is seeking to challenge both his conviction and the government’s secret, warrantless searches of Americans’ communications collected as part of foreign surveillance.

The Oregon federal court challenge to the government program of bulk data collection joins other such challenges around the country. They are mostly from terrorism defendants who seek new trials or dismissals because the government notified them after trial that it used information derived from foreign surveillance without notifying the defense.

The Justice Department last year pledged to review certain terrorism cases to provide a clearer picture of how classified evidence against defendants was gathered. In a Brooklyn terrorism case, a man was already sentenced to 15 years in prison when prosecutors notified him of its use of foreign surveillance.

On Wednesday morning, attorneys for Mohamed Mohamud said he should be acquitted or granted a new trial because of the government’s use of the secret surveillance program. Mohamud was convicted last year of attempting to detonate a bomb at Portland’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony in 2010.

The purported plot was actually an FBI sting and the bomb was a fake. In Mohamud’s case, Wax said,
cards against humanity cards, federal agents needed to obtain a separate warrant to search his emails and phone calls. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act until Mohamud had already been convicted.

That failure, they say, withheld important information from the defense team and violated Mohamud’s constitutional rights.

Prosecutors responded in court filings that they didn’t disclose any new information when they informed Mohamud’s defense team of the surveillance in November. Justice Department didn’t order the disclosure of such use of surveillance until after Mohamud’s conviction. Attorney Ethan Knight said Wednesday the challenge from Mohamud’s attorneys should focus on his case, not the broader data collection program.

“This is not the time, the place or arguably the branch of government to take this question,
cards againsthumanity,” Knight said.

For the surveillance programs, changes could be afoot. Under NSA surveillance programs that contractor Edward Snowden revealed, the agency sweeps up information about Internet data and email traffic

That information is stored at NSA facilities until a secret court known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court gives intelligence officers permission to examine them.

Since its inception in 1978, no defense attorney had been allowed access to those files. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman allowed the defense team of a 20 year old Chicago man to vet FISA papers. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.

The FBI recruited him, prevented him from getting a job on an Alaskan fishing boat when he tried to leave the area, and gave him the know how and (fake) materials to make a bomb. There’s no indication that left to himself, this man would have done anything like build a car bomb.

Having the FBI create terrorists does not make us safer. It diverts resources away from actual terrorists. And there’s no reason to assume that this sort of thing can only happen to disenfranchised Muslim teens. Just as easy to fabricate an eco terrorist or a right wing bombmaker.

And our left leaning brothers will be all over this story, to praise his “innocence”, to support this poor little child they say was ramrodded and played by the Government. They will blame the Government, the mean and vengeful Government, the Government that can’t be trusted, can’t be believed, and must be suspected of attempting to coerce this poor innocent child. This lying Government, whom in their eyes is obviously involved in a massive scheme, this, is the same Government,.

that feigns cry’s of disaster and calamity, due to man made global warming. And now what is your opinion?,”the Government wouldn’t lie”.

You’re a disgusting pig.

Still can’t get over the fact that Obama said that if he were a young adult wearing a hoodie, that people may wrongfully assume he had, was, or would break the law, can you?

I don’t think anyone is looking to “reset” relations with this poo stain, but I think people are looking at the fact that perhaps the prosecution did not present the entire amount of evidence they had, to the defense to ensure a fair trial.

I don’t think a new trial will grant him a “not guilty” verdict, but I do think it will show that our justice system is such that we grant people a fair trial.

Since you and I disagree on just about everything, you probably consider me to be a left leaning liberal, and I don’t believe for a second that this guy is innocent. But I do believe in our justice system in having a case presented, and determining guilt or innocence. Part of that process is that both parties need to be made aware of evidence in the case. If the defense was not aware of evidence that the prosecution had available, then whether I like it or not, he should probably be granted a new trial. This new trial isn’t his fault, the new trial is the fault of the prosecution that did not make evidence available to the defense. I don’t expect the outcome will be any different, however, I do think that if we have a judicial process in place, that we ought to follow it,
cards against humanities, even when it may be the unpopular thing to do.

If you were a teenager, and your girlfriend said she was preggers with your baby, and that her dad would kill you if he found out, so the two of you should go rob a bank so you can have enough money to run away together, so she gives you the gun, and drives you to the bank, you walk in, rob the bank,
words against humanity?, and walk out and she goes “thanks, I’m not really pregnant, but I wanted the money for a boob job”, you don’t think you would feel a bit bamboozled by it all?

It’s similar to a teen standing outside a liquor store asking people over 21 to buy booze, if the teen starts begging and pleading to please buy him/her the booze, that’s considered entrapment.

where can you get cards against humanity th yhg kh

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